Stockingford Academy

Pastoral Care

Here at Stockingford Academy we are passionate about offering support and guidance to children and their families.
The Pastoral care and safeguarding in school is led by Bev Phillips, our Pastoral Manager, and our Family Support Worker Sarah Willmett.
They work alongside the Pastoral and SEN teams to remove barriers to learning which will enable your child to participate fully in school life and to help your child reach their full potential.
They work closely with parents or carers to access avenues of support for our families on a daily basis, as well as supporting children in school to improve their emotional well-being.
As a team we are all here to support Stockingford families with the challenges that life sometimes bring regardless of how big or small that may be.
Children come to school to get an education that will equip them for life.
Many, indeed most, of our children do well in school.
In some cases though, life has already proven to be difficult so that school provision may seem to have little to offer that will prove directly useful.
The Thrive Approach can make learning more accessible and more effective.
It will enhance emotional literacy and directly contributes to the development of learning power: resilience,resourcefulness,reflective capacity and reciprocity.
Our Thrive Practitioners in school are Richard Gould,Debbie Lloyd and Sarah Willmett.
Most of us, if not all, would benefit from the Thrive Approach to help us through life.