Stockingford Academy



Every morning we start the day with a whole school assembly which our Headteacher and teachers lead.  Each week we focus on a particular theme which may be linked to global or national issues, promoting British Values, religious events or topics which link to our chosen studies.  We try to make our assemblies as interactive as we can and our children sometimes lead part of the assemblies themselves.   As part of our assembly time, we celebrate children who have received gold raffle tickets for exemplary work or behaviour

Every Friday morning we have a special assembly to celebrate our achievements. Each teacher gives an award to a pupil in his or her class in recognition of such aspects as good behaviour, exceptional effort in a particular subject area or exceptional progress.  Parents and friends are invited to these assemblies.

We invite friends and families to our regular Class Assemblies to enjoy sharing in the children's learning.   Sometimes we have special visitors to these assemblies, such as governors, staff from other schools and settings and our members of our local community.